Professor Derek Mowbray

Derek Mowbray’s aim is ‘to make the workplace a fabulous place to work’.

He does this by mentoring organisations, their leaders, managers, organisation development specialists, and applied psychologists on how to achieve peak performance by focusing on the triggers that provoke psychological wellbeing and social engagement in the workplace.

Derek’s purpose is to prevent stress from occurring in the first place by eliminating the risk of adverse events and poor behaviours that can trigger stressful responses.


WellBeing and Performance

The WellBeing and Performance Agenda is one of Derek Mowbray’s innovative frameworks for helping organisations achieve peak performance.

The framework draws together the elements that organisations need to have in place that transforms the working environment from one that exploits the workforce to one that nurtures it.

The framework offers a systemic approach to transformation.

The Agenda has five elements to it:

  • Discovery
  • Adaptive Culture
  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Adaptive Working Environment
  • Adaptive and Resilient Person

The cost dividend

The approaches that Professor Mowbray adopts has the added benefit of reducing psychopresenteeism – people being at work in body but not in mind. Psychopresenteeism is one of the biggest inhibitors to peak performance, and is massively costly.

The approach transforms the organisation into one with creativity, vibrancy, effective communication, effective collaboration, based on trust, commitment, social engagement and kinship. Add to this mix strong motivation and concentration and the result is a brilliantly successful organisation.


Mentoring leaders and managers

Derek Mowbray mentors leaders and managers as well as those who support them.

As a leader of several organisations himself he has the experience and academic knowledge that makes a big difference to how others think and behave.


Clients' Quotes

'Derek Mowbray: Turbulent Visionary’
(Kitzinger 1989)<

From one of the most refreshingly visionary voices in the NHS today. EVERYONE should be listening to what Professor Mowbray is saying.
Unison NUH Branch