Everyone knows that out of thousands of ideas only a very few ideas ever find themselves being implemented. It’s not that they are bad ideas, they simply are not right for the time.

Derek Mowbray has spent much of his professional life seeking ways to make complicated issues simple to tackle. More recently he has being helping to make it easy for leaders, managers, and those who support them, to transform organisations into ‘fabulous places to work’.

He developed The WellBeing and Performance Agenda (2012) aimed at helping organisations transform themselves from exploiting their workforce to nurturing it. The Agenda is based on ‘sharing responsibility for the future success of the organisation’.

Current publications

Derek Mowbray is a regular contributor and writer on wellbeing and performance. He has recently published:

  • Derek Mowbray’s guide to The WellBeing and Performance Agenda
  • Derek Mowbray’s guide to Corporate Resilience
  • Derek Mowbray’s Guide to Adaptive Leadership
  • Derek Mowbray’s Guide to Personal Resilience
  • Derek Mowbray's Guide to the Manager's Role in Resilience

These are obtainable from www.mas.org.uk Publications and any good bookshop. His papers are obtainable from the www.mas.org.uk Article Library

Derek is currently working on the idea of Psychological Responsibility (2014/15) – an idea to encourage everyone to think about their behaviours to others at work. His most recent white paper entitled Psychological Responsibility was published in April 2014


Clients' Quotes

Many thanks, Derek, for yet another thought-provoking and inspiring paper, which I will share widely and utilise fully. You star! I feel I've been sent a valuable gift and am very grateful to you.
Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Professional Lead, West Psychological Services, Cheshire & Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Dereks Earlier Publications

In 2008 his strategy for the prevention of stress was published entitled ‘Building Resilience – An Organisational Cultural Approach to Mental Health and Well-being at Work: Primary Prevention Programme’. Since then he has been helping organisations implement prevention of stress strategies under the banner ‘OrganisationHealth ®. This work has now migrated to The Management Advisory Service (UK) – MAS.

This led to the research behind The Managers Code for Health and Social Care (2012) setting out the behaviours to achieve commitment, trust and engagement, major antidotes to stress, and essential behaviours for peak performance.

He developed the Resilience Development framework (2008) with eight elements, a framework for resilience programmes in several countries.

In the 1990’s he developed his strategic planning framework based on prevention, preventing deterioration, restoration, palliation and ‘the next generation’. The framework has been used for many purposes, including as a framework for New Ways of Working for Applied Psychologists.

From 1995 he pursued his interest in leaders, the impact they have on followers, and stress. Derek Mowbray focused on leadership behaviours needed to prevent stress in others.


Earlier Work

Derek developed new ideas which led to early adoption within the NHS. In particular he

  • created ‘Information Co-ordinating Centres’ to combine information from different agencies in relation to individuals suffering mental illness, to facilitate co-ordinated treatment and care. Further development applied to care of the elderly.
  • was behind the idea of the Lambeth Community Care Centre – a place where people could be treated and seek support without being admitted to hospital.
  • introduced a model of clinicians in management based of clinical directors and service managers, a model replicated in many parts of the NHS.
  • did a ground breaking piece of research, judged as one of the best eight pieces of research in the 1980’s by ‘The Psychologist’, when he reviewed clinical psychology services, and simply described the different levels of expertise in psychology – a model used throughout the world.
  • was the first to describe health policies for child care and community services by taking the best practice statements from all the Agencies involved with these services.

Clients' Quotes

I have just read your presentation "A Positive Work Culture ..."Exactly what it says on the tin, an absolute must read for any company wishing to follow the road to success in today’s competitive marketplace. Your content and layout made it so easy to understand

Thank you again, Derek - I always enjoy reading your thoughts on wellbeing and performance - you have now been placed in my "inspirational thinkers" box, alongside Carol Black.
James Herbert, Mindful Employer North East

Derek, Thanks again for insight. You bring great clarity and substance to the subject of workplace stress. Your education and experience show!
LinkedIn Group

Dear Prof Mowbray, Thank you for this excellent article. People who have been affected by stress are often disappointed to find that academia has misunderstood the problem and defined it in gobbledegook terminology that misses too many points. Your article, on the other hand, is in clear language that hits the mark in every respect.
Adrian Melia

As usual, sage remarks. Mowbray should rule the world.
Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Head of Psychological Services