Derek Mowbray began his consultancy career in 1982 when he founded The Management Advisory Service to the NHS – an initiative of the then Secretary of State for Health. In 1995 he became an independent consultant focusing mainly on the improvement of health services.

He has been consultant to the Governments in the UK, Ireland, USA, New South Wales and New Zealand.

He has been an Independent Technical Expert to the European Commission on health, and has review the health services in Turkey (twice), Lithuania and Romania.

In 2003 he began consulting on issues of psychological wellbeing and performance, focusing on the primary prevention of psychological distress at work.

Since then he has developed The WellBeing and Performance Agenda, an agenda to help organisations transform into peak performing organisations by enhancing the psychological wellbeing of the workforce.

He researched the background to and developed The Managers Code for Wellbeing and Performance, an adaptation of which was launched by Dame Carol Black in January 2012 as The Manager’s Code for Health and Social Care.

In 2011 he produced The Management Standards for Wellbeing and Performance which sets out the standards for organisations seeking to improve the wellbeing and performance of their workforce.

In 2006 he established OrganisationHealth and through this company developed the Personal Resilience Programme that has been delivered in the UK, USA, Ireland, mainland Europe and to a global audience via webinars.

Since 2010 he has focused on the development of The Management Advisory Service (MAS), which advises organisations on the implementation of The WellBeing and Performance Agenda.

Derek Mowbray is, also, prominent in psychology circles. His Review of Clinical Psychology in 1989 was judged as one of the eight best pieces of research for that decade. He has proposed the development of Associate Clinical Psychologist, funded by the Department of Health but subsequently abandoned in favour of the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies initiative by the Government.

He is a founder and director of The National Centre for Applied Psychology. He is involved with a local centre for applied psychology at the University of Gloucestershire. Derek Mowbray is an expert in Organisation and Leadership Development, and his clients are from all sectors.

He has recently been working with Government Agencies, multi-national companies as well as smaller businesses and services, advising on psychological wellbeing and performance. He is an acknowledged international expert in psychological wellbeing and performance. His work is now licensed to be delivered by associate individuals and companies in the USA, Denmark and Germany.


Clients' Quotes

Your support has opened my mind and helped me achieve the successes I have. Thank you.
PH Ireland

One of the most refreshingly visionary voices today and EVERYONE should be listening to what Professor Mowbray is saying
Unison web site May 2011